JOIN US: Goal setting workshop 2019

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Bring us your big idea and we’ll show you how to make it happen

New Year’s Resolutions - we all make them and yet 80% of us fail to make them stick.

We know you’ve got a big idea that you want to make happen in 2019. You’re a smart woman - you know the way you want your life to look next year and beyond.

We’re here to show you what’s already inside you - through tools, tips and techniques you can use to make it a reality.

From running The Reset retreats we know the tried and tested way to make visions happen.

The session will cover:

  • Making your idea a SMART / FAST goal

  • All the ways you could tackle your goal and how to pick the best way forward

  • Creating an action plan you can actually stick to

  • How to avoid procrastination

  • How to avoid self-sabotage and keep consistent in the year ahead

You’ll walk away from our workshop with a clear and actionable way to make things happen for you in 2019, confident about where you’ll be by the end of the year and exactly how you’re going to get there.

We’ll be holding the workshop LIVE online on Tuesday 15th January 2019.

The only way you can gain access to this exclusive event is to make a purchase in our shop. There you’ll find our journals, tote bags and affirmation stickers all ready to snap up. After you’ve made your purchase we’ll email you the details on how to join us.

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