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How to write a better to do list | The Reset retreats

A to do list…it can make you feel like a multi-tasking queen or like the entire day/week/month has been wasted. 

How long have you been doing a to do list? And how long have you been doing it in the same way? When is the last time you reviewed if your to do list is working for you if or if you end up working for your to do list?

 Here at The Reset we love a good to do list….but we also know sometimes it can need a little bit of work to get it right. Ultimately we want a to do list that is long and difficult enough to be motivated by but not so overwhelming we end up thinking cleaning the house is a much better option than tackling it.

So here are some tips to help you write the ultimate to do list

We love technology but we also know there is a time and a place for it. Nothing beats handwriting a to do list. That’s because the physical process of writing the task down helps you clarify the jobs and commit to them more fully in your head. It also allows you to scribble on it, add notes as ideas occur, change them if needs be and cross things out easily and quickly.

Cross it off. Is there anything more satisfying than crossing off something on your to do list? When you’ve completed a task put a tick beside it or physically cross it off the list. When you’ve had a stressful day where you feel you have achieved “nothing” you can look at the list and see what has been accomplished

Get granular. When it comes to to-do list we often don’t go into enough detail. It’s important to really dig deep and look at what the actual tasks are. For example you might write down on your to-do list – “find somewhere new to live “ when in fact this really needs to be broken down into a number of action steps for example “complete a budget to see what rent range you can afford”, “research possible areas you would like to live in,” and “set up an alert for new rental opportunities.”

By doing this it will allow you to feel like you are making a lot more progress and therefore are much more likely to stay motivated to keep going.  

Similarly add items to your to do list that you may have not anticipated at the start of the day/week. Some days just do not go to plan. It happens. When your day gets hijacked make sure to add the items that you did not plan for to your to do list. It will allow you to see that you did in fact achieve something on that day and more importantly help you to make better to do lists in the future.

Limit it. Writing a to do list that never seems to end can feel very demoralizing. If your to-do list seems to be getting out of hand, find a way that feels logical for you to categorise it rather than having everything in one big brain dump.

Split tasks into what needs to be done now/today, what needs to be done this week (or on specific days you can add to the calendar) and what can be done at some point in the future?

If you have a weekly list, find a notebook with a limited number of lines in to write your tasks. If you start to spill over, work out what can be moved into another week. Think about what is realistic to get done.

And finally find a time to write your list. It might sound silly but writing your to do list is a to do! Schedule time into your week to write your to-do list and mid week revisit it to reprioritize things if needed or cross items off. Sundays are a great time to write your to-do list and set up for a productive and stress free week.

We love giving you tips like these and it’s just some of what we cover on our retreats.

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Lauren Healy