READ ME: Easy ways to implement self-care

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Does self-care conjure up images of Instagrammable bubble baths and beautiful breakfast flat lays? Is that just too far fetched for you right now?

Self-care had a moment in 2018. It seemed everyone was actively pursuing it and it nearly resulted in it becoming another goal to be ticked off on our to do list.

Which is totally against the idea of self-care…. right?

Self-care might seem indulgent but it is in fact the exact opposite. It is completely necessary for each and every one of us, be us man, woman or child. It is completely necessary for us no matter how busy or idle we are (in fact you could argue the busier you become the more necessary self care is).

But how do we implement it into our busy lives? How does it become something that actually fills us up as opposed to something we feel we should be doing? We offer you some tips to help you introduce self-care into your life in a realistic way.

Firstly experiment!

The start of a new year brings the dawn of new ideas. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down the things you find relaxing and energizing. It might be taking a bath, getting your nails done or simply sitting down for 10 minutes with your favourite cup of tea.  It might be something you enjoyed as a child like colouring or drawing.

Have a think about how you can easily fit these things into your routine. Treat the next couple of weeks as an experiment in self-care and find the things that truly fill you up and reenergize you.  

Often if we have a lot on our minds and feel like we have a lot to do our minds can race. Sometimes the best form of self-care can simply be writing a to do list to simply clear our minds of these racing thoughts.

If you are prone to this keep a notebook and pen on you at all times and simply write stuff down when you are feeling overwhelmed or an idea comes to mind. Alternatively consider keeping voice memos on your phone you can refer back to.

A good to do list is the ultimate form of self-care. How good are your to do lists? Do you often feel like you keep adding to your to do list but never quite manage to tick off as many things as you would like?  

Be realistic about the amount of things you can get done in a day so you can feel satisfied with your work at the end of the day.

Also make sure you are writing down your tasks at there most granular level: instead of writing down “write blog post” split it into “research blog post”, “plan blog post” and “write content” so you can acknowledge the progress you are making.

Finally take time out to congratulate yourself. So often we are so focused on our goals and looking to the next thing we never take time out to actually acknowledge how our day/week/year has gone.

Have you taken time out yet to review your 2018? Have you congratulated yourself on all the things you managed to do? This is the ultimate form of self-care and it’s with this reflectiveness we can start to treat ourselves with more kindness and compassion.

We’d love to know what you see as self-care? How do you plan on implementing it for you this year?

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