READ ME: Real life meal prep tips that work

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Meal prep. Two words that conjure up more sense of failure and inadequacy than anything else we see sometimes on The Reset retreats.

Why? Because when most of us think about meal prep, we think about perfectly regimented plastic Tupperwares, prepared in a big batch cooking session on a Sunday lasting hours, resulting in identical meals and snacks to get you through the week.

How depressing.

At The Reset we’d love you to think about meal prep differently. Because there are ways to prepare healthy and delicious meals in a way that doesn’t suck your soul, but still leaves you feeling organised, in control and fills you with tasty dishes throughout the week.

Let us show you how:

Cook once, eat twice

In order to have meals at the ready when you need them, you don’t have to cook 7 days worth in advance. When you do have the time to prepare a meal - why not make double quantities so you can feed yourself the next day too?

Making a bolognese? Double up the veggies to bulk out the sauce and portion up the leftovers. Using up old vegetables in a homemade soup? Pop a few more potatoes, lentils or pearl barley in and make a few extra bowls-worth. Both of these kinds of dishes get better with a bit of time, and they also freeze well.

Leading us nicely on to…

Love your freezer

Your freezer is your best friend when it comes to being prepared to cook healthy meals. If you’ve made those extra portions, stash them away in the freezer to save for another more hectic day. The sense of relief at getting out a lovingly prepared meal from last month that saves dinner time today will be immense.

Your freezer is also a great place for things like sliced bread, berries and sliced bananas that are threatening to turn and pre-cooked quinoa or other grains that can be quickly heated up.

Chop chop chop

A brilliant tip we picked up from Sinead Delahunty from Delalicious on our retreats was chopping up vegetables in advance.

When you do have time, get out the knife and slice up things like broccoli, carrots and peppers and place them in a zip-lock sealed sandwich bag, together with a dampened piece of kitchen roll. This means when you’re running late you’ll have ready chopped vegetables that can be tipped into a saucepan to boil or steam in minutes.

Clever huh?

Have the basics ready

And finally - the greatest tip for meal preparation is in the title: be prepared.

Having your kitchen stocked with some key staples will mean you can whip up a meal in no time with long-lasting ingredients stashed in your cupboards. Items like dried pasta, nuts, lentils, onions, garlic, eggs, chopped tomatoes, chickpeas and a few basic herbs

Download Vicky’s e-book which provides a list of long-lasting kitchen staples that you can rely on to create hundreds of healthy meals.

What do you think? Is meal-prep something you embrace or recoil from? It’s a topic we go into lots more depth on at The Reset retreats - in both workshops and hands-on cookery demonstrations where you can put into practise some of these tips for yourself.

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