READ ME: How to meet like minded people


Connect in real life....

In the age of social media it can seem like most of our connection comes from that little screen attached to our hands. But it doesnt really beat the real thing , does it? The meeting people in real life to share experiences, ideas, conversation and fun.

But how do we go about meeting like minded people? As life changes it can be difficult to find people we can adapt with and share common interests so we’ve decided to round up some of our favourite communities that make meeting people “in real life” that little bit easier.


Girlcrew is quite simply a platform for women to make new friends.  It allows women to connect both online through its app and locally through Girlcrew organised events and also allow members to organise their own events.

It caters for all interests from networking brunches where you can pick up some badass entrepreneurial advice to arranging a simple cup of tea with somone local.

It quite simply caters for all your community needs.

For more into check out or download the app “Girlcrew”.


Fancy trying out some co-working,  joining a book club or going on a hike? There’s a meetup for that.

Friends interest change over time and quite often we don’t have someone to try out that new hobby with. But that shouldnt hold you back. Thats where the beauty of Meetup comes in.

Chances are if you’ve thought of it there is a meetup for it and if there isnt organise your own.

For more info check out


Becoming a new mum can be difficult and isolating. You quite often go from working in a circle of colleagues to being on your own for long periods of time with only baby to keep you company.

Mumtalks organise monthly meetups with speakers who present on their specialist subjects such as how to go back to work with confidence. Babies are welcome of course.

For more info check out

And of course don’t forget about us

We’re all about community here at The Reset and we really value the power of actually meeting with people to have real life conversation.

Thats why we’ve been busy organising a number of events including our Connect and Calm mornings where we can meet for a pre work coffee, a chat and a brief meditation to set you for the day.

If you would like to join us on our next one you can get tickets here.

We will also be discussing the law of attraction and all things vision boarding at our Vision Board Brunch in the gorgeous surrounds of House on Leeson Street on June 9th. There are still tickets to join us for this but be quick they are selling out fast.

We hope some of these ideas have helped you. We are big fans of social media but we also really appreciate the benefit of meeting people in real life.

So this week its time to get out of your comfort zone, get out there and attend an event.


Lauren Healy