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How to overcome imposter syndrome | The Reset | Wellness retreats for women

Fraud. Faker. Imposter.  

How often do you feel like someone is going to find you out and uncover the fact that you’re totally useless? 

It’s a common feeling and one that is captured under the term ‘imposter complex.’ If you suffer from it you’ll know – you are totally held back feeling you don’t deserve to be where you are or that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. 

Imposter complex is something that comes up a lot with the women we meet at our events and retreats. We’ve drawn together all the tools and tips we give them to help you beat that imposter feeling:


Listen to the wisdom of Tanya Geisler

If you’re a podcast fan then we’d highly recommend you head on to your podcast app and listen to an episode of the Priestess Podcast with imposter expert Tanya Geisler

Effortlessly and simply Tanya takes apart imposter complex and reminds us that if we feel like an imposter we are almost definitely not one. Real imposters never think they’re imposters! 

If we get these feelings it’s in fact a sign that we are high achieving, high functioning and have strong values of mastery, integrity and excellence. Much more appealing character traits, right? 

Listen to the podcast now. 


Read Tara Mohr Playing Big

This is one of our favourite books to recommend, which really tackles imposter complex which is so prevalent in women. 

Throughout the book Tara faces head on our often crippling obsession with learning more and never feeling enough. She offers practical steps and advice on how to move past these mindsets into what you really want to be doing.

Her tips on naming and characterising your Inner Critic are one of the most powerful ways that you can overcome Imposter Complex and realise that the negative voice isn’t really and truly you. 

Grab a copy of Playing Big now. 


Keep a folder of positivity 

If imposter complex hits you most in the workplace there’s a simple thing you can start doing right now to help retrain your brain. 

Start up an email folder for positive feedback you receive from clients, colleagues and others. When you hit a low moment, revisit those emails safely tucked in a single place, to pick yourself back up and remind you that you are certainly not faking being a total boss at what you do. 

Many of us disregard the compliments we receive for our work, and only remember the criticism. Sadly that’s naturally how our brains work, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with you.

The next time someone starts to sing your praises, allow yourself to truly appreciate what is being said, or make a note of it to add to your folder. 


Get an affirmation to quieten that inner critic

When that inner critic gets shouty telling you you’re useless and you’re going to get found out, you need a statement to say in your head or even out loud, to quieten them down. 

Find something positive or even just neutral that you can say in response to the criticism of your internal monologue. It could be:

“I am more than capable” 

“My success is necessary”

“I am valued and respected” 


If they feel awkward to you, come up with something that fits and feels natural.  

We designed our 21 Days of Affirmations series to help you find affirmations that are right for you. Packed with tips and ideas on how to incorporate them into everyday life, they’ll land in your inbox every day for 3 weeks to get you started. Sign up now. 




What do you think? Will you try out some of these techniques or recommendations? What do you find helps you overcome Imposter Complex?


We talk about this and lots more mindset challenges at our events and retreats. Book yourself a place now and we can deep dive together and help you feel more confident.