Connect & Calm:
Mindful Morning Series

08.00-08.45am, first thursday of the month

bewley’s, grafton Street, dublin

Connect and Calm Coffee Mornings | The Reset

Join The Reset co-founders Vicky and Lauren to set up your day for calm and positivity.

We know how busy your days and weeks are.

You’re running around looking after your family, meeting work deadlines and staying in touch with friends. Everyone else comes first when it comes to getting things done.

When do you make time for you?

Throughout the autumn we’ll be offering you a relaxing and safe space to start the month with some mindfulness and a chance to just check-in with yourself. Join us for a pre-work coffee, connect with like-minded women and enjoy a short meditation to set you up for your busy day.

Our Connect & Calm events offer a short window of time to relax, recharge, pick up some simple and practical mindfulness tips and give yourself space to focus on what you need for the month ahead.

Just like all our retreats, this mini Reset experience will also leave you with new connections with whom you’ve shared the morning. At our events you’ll always find like-minded women to support your goals and help you stay calm and connected to your intentions for the future.

You’ll GET:

  • A short meditation to set you up for the month ahead focusing on a specific theme like gratitude, affirmations, self-care or manifestation

  • A discussion led by Vicky and Lauren on our chosen monthly topic, with practical ways to feel great and take action to make changes

  • Like-minded women just like you, sharing tips and ideas on how to take care of your health and mind

WHO: You! Plus any women who want to start their day calm and connected
WHAT: Coffee morning and mini-meditation session to start your month
WHEN: First Thursday of the month. Next dates: Thursday 5th September, Thursday 3rd October, Thursday 7th November. 08.00am-08.45am
WHERE: Bewley’s, Grafton Street, Dublin

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