Corporate Wellness


Who we are 

The Reset is wellness the practical way.

Formed by trained life-coach Vicky Shilling and qualified Nutritional Therapist Lauren Healy, The Reset aims to offer health and wellness lessons that are functional and accessible to everyone.

Not just a mountain-top experience, our retreats have busy, hard-working people at their centre and focus on tips and tools that can be taken home and carried out in every-day life.

With backgrounds in the corporate world, Vicky and Lauren now facilitate retreats, workshops and talks that inspire people to think differently about making change in their lives, prioritising their health and how to take action in reaching their goals.

Our ethos when it comes to wellness

Wellness can come in many different shapes and sizes and much of it exists in lots of theory, concepts and talk.

And while we love to chat about wellness, we believe to make real changes that are actually going to last, we need to come away from our normal environments and give ourselves a chance to think bigger.

That’s why we offer our corporate clients bespoke retreat packages. Our retreats allow staff to step-away from the day job and discover practical tools and resources that will have a long-term impact on their productivity and happiness.

Our corporate retreats are a chance to fully immerse in the ideas we share about leading a healthier life and find ways to take this back into the workplace and home to feel calmer, more positive and better nourished.

Who attends our retreats? 

The women who attend our retreats are diverse in background, age and personalities. We’ve had women attend that work in executive leadership positions, through to women who work for themselves and women that work in the home. 

What these women have in common is more plentiful than what sets them apart: 

They struggle with issues that we can all identify with: feeling time poor, overly stressed and facing burnout. Our attendees feel they do not have enough (if any) time to prioritise themselves and their own self-care is bottom of the list.  

Unfortunately when people are affected by these issues it not only affects one part of their lives, it knocks-on to their entire life. Attending a retreat experience can be the perfect way to relax and reset along with coming along with some concrete solutions you can put into place right now

Because here at the Reset we don’t just want you to have a mountain top experience we want to give you strategies to help you deal with these issues on a daily basis. 

We know that they are a reality of daily life especially for those of us working in a corporate setting and that is why we feel that our retreats offer the perfect solution for employees and employers alike looking to improve their work life balance. 

The problems you are facing in the workplace 

We can design a bespoke retreat experience just for you.

Some examples of events we have run in the past include a day retreat experience in a country-house located under an hour from Dublin city-centre, a weekend female leadership team retreat overseas and a networking day supporting and connecting senior level executives.



  • Official welcome and ice-breaker activities

  • Introductory goal setting workshop

  • Three course dinner

  • Night-time meditation


  • Morning Pilates

  • Breakfast

  • Countryside walk

  • Building a better relationship with food

  • How to gain back time in your day

  • Cookery demonstration

  • Mini-meditation sessions

  • Three course dinner


  • Morning yoga

  • Breakfast

  • Action plans and making goals happen

  • Final meditation

  • Lunch


09.00-09.30 Breakfast

09.30-10.30    How to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into every day life + group activities

10.30-10.45    Break      

10.45-11.45    How to gain back time in your day

12.00-13.00    Yoga or Pilates

13.00-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.00    Building a better relationship with food

15.00-15.30    Break  

15.30-16.30    Meditation and mindfulness in practise + group activities

16.30                Final remarks and close 


We would be happy to tailor the schedule to your needs, if there are any particular topics or focuses you’d like to have. 

Download our Corporate brochure here

We have access to a number of venues across Ireland and overseas that cater for groups of all sizes.

To find out more about our corporate packages, led by The Reset Co-Founders Vicky and Lauren, please contact us.