We’re redefining wellness

The Reset Women's Wellness | Dublin Ireland


We are Lauren and Vicky. A Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach who have made big changes in our lives in the last few years. 

We started The Reset for women like you. Women who need time out to prioritise themselves. Women who feel like they’re running around, stressing out, doing everything for everyone else, but never putting themselves first. 

We started The Reset for women who hear about goal setting and self-care and ‘living your best life’, but have no idea how it applies to them. Women who hear the woo-woo of visualisation, manifestation, mindfulness and eating for health. But don’t know where to start with making it work in their busy lives. 

We love running events and retreats that give you that time you so desperately need.

We love taking you to places and creating environments in which you can get exactly what you need to replenish and focus on what you want to get from your life. 

We love serving women like you because we love to make things practical. We’re all about functionality - it’s great to hear the theory and know the ideas. But we love to share how they work. How to actually get started. How to make that change. How to break that habit. 

We love bringing people together. We love providing a supportive community of like-minded people to help you take that time, make that change or achieve that goal.

Because meeting in real life (IRL)  has never been more important.

It breaks our hearts to see women who are struggling with the idea of giving up a little bit of time just for themselves. Because they believe it’s selfish, or that others deserve it more. 

It breaks our hearts when we see women get overwhelmed with all the nutribollocks, inspirational quotes and vacuous ‘wellness’ messages that are circulating right now and feel totally inaccessible. 

It breaks our hearts to see women struggle on their own to make changes in their lives to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled, when there are so many people around them who could help and support them get there faster and with so much more enjoyment. 

If we could only say one thing about what is possible for you if you just had the right support it would be this: 

Overwhelm shouldn’t be a part of everyday life. 

Life has never been more challenging. With the right support from us, you can go from feeling overwhelmed with everyday life, to having the time, resources and community to thrive. 

We’re making wellness practical. It’s time to prioritise you.