We’re redefining wellness

The Reset Women's Wellness | Dublin Ireland

We started The Reset for women like you.

Women who need to prioritise themselves. Women who are running through life, overwhelmed, exhausted and burned-out, doing everything for everyone else, but never putting themselves first. 

We are Lauren and Vicky and we created The Reset to redefine wellness and make it practical for real women. 

WE LOVE creating EVENTS AND RETREATS THAT help you get back on-track. Because we firmly believe OVERWHELM SHOULDN’T BE A PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE. 

We started The Reset for women who hear about goal setting and self-care and ‘living your best life’, but have no idea how it applies to them.

Women who hear the ‘woo-woo’ of visualisation, manifestation, mindfulness and rejecting diet culture. But don’t know where to start with making it actually work in their busy lives. 

Women overwhelmed with all the nutribabble, inspirational quotes and vacuous ‘wellness’ messages that are circulating right now and feel totally and utterly inaccessible to them. 

Our events and retreats take you to places and give you the time you need to replenish and focus on what you want to get from your life. 

The Reset’s talks, events and retreats share our love of making wellness practical. We’re all about functionality. We can all hear the theory, know the ideas and watch aspirational women living idealised ‘wellness’ lives. But what we want to do at The Reset is show how these concepts can work in real, busy lives.

How to get started. How to make that change. How to break that habit. 

Most of all at The Reset, we love bringing people together. It is our greatest pleasure to provide a supportive community of like-minded people to help you take that time, make that change or achieve that goal. Because more often than not, we feel totally alone when it comes to prioritising ourselves.


It breaks our hearts to see women who are struggling with the idea of giving up just a little bit of time for themselves. Because they believe it’s selfish, or that others deserve it more. 

We can’t stand seeing women struggle on their own to make changes in their lives to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled, when there are so many people around them who could help and support them get there faster and with so much more enjoyment. 

Life has never been more challenging. But with the right support from us, through our talks, blog, events and retreats, you can go from feeling overwhelmed with everyday life, to having the time, resources and community to thrive. 

The Reset is making wellness practical. It’s time to prioritise you.