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While I arrived at The Reset feeling apprehensive and unsure if “this sort of thing” would be for me, I left feeling like “this sort of thing” is for absolutely every woman who has ever felt like life was whizzing back on auto-drive.

The Reset is an unforgettable experience, with benefits reaching far beyond the weekend retreat. It is an investment in the most important relationship you’ll ever have – the one you have with yourself. Can you afford not to?

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"My Reset experience was everything I didn't know I actually needed!"


"The Reset experience is without a doubt one of the most valuable investments I have made in myself. It was truly uplifting meeting and sharing experiences with women from all walks of life."



"The Reset gave me so much more than I was expecting, the best gift to myself in a long time: new friends, a renewed motivation to prioritize me and my goals but also a feeling of calm that I am ‘enough’ now."


"I came away from the weekend feeling on top of the world, energised and armed with a wealth of knowledge to help eliminate some of the stress from my busy life."


"The food was fantastic! One thing I have taken away from the retreat is that healthy home cooked food does not have to be so complicated... I am already noticing a difference in how I approach meal preparation, especially with such a busy day job."

"I’ve made new friends, felt refreshed and happier, have a great set of tools with the journal and other resources you shared and a renewed sense of motivation to reach my goals."

The Reset retreats

"It's the kind of break I didn't even know I needed until I finished it and I felt like a new person. I felt physically and mentally positive and ready to take on whatever challenges came my way."

"I met women from all walks of life, we laughed, we cried and we made friends.  If you're looking to reset, recharge and reconsider - This retreat is a great place to start."

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"If the Reset retreat was a self-help book it would be called something like, 'Permission to Take a Fricken Minute To Think About Your Life Plan in a Logical Way.'"

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"[It's only been] a week but I’ve reclaimed a lot of time, gotten more done, been proactive, felt more organised and generally felt less stressed. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am in control of my life, not at the mercy of it."

Wellness retreats for Women

“One of the best experiences I’ve had. We were looked after so well, yet given the freedom to do what we wanted. Luxurious self-care at its very best.”

“The Reset did exactly that! [The retreat] gave me time to relax, enjoy the company of like-minded women, all in a beautiful environment.”

The Reset | Wellness retreats for women

“The Reset is a fantastic experience to relax and recharge! The stunning luxurious setting of Casa Fuzetta and the warm Portuguese sunshine was very restorative. It was fantastic to meet like-minded women and I know we all benefitted greatly from Lauren & Vicky's coaching.

I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough!”

“I was at a retreat last year with these lovely ladies and by doing this weekend away from everyone I knew,
it calmed my mind and made me prioritise myself for the first time in my life.

I am forever grateful.

I am now an inner voice coach and moved to Australia,
so you never know what's around the corner people until you walk through the first door”.


Hear what one of our guests from the Portugal retreat in 2019 had to say about her experience with The Reset.

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