Reset Your Resolutions | The Reset

New Year is over…
and so is your 2020 wellness resolution

You had such high hopes for starting a new wellness commitment in 2020.

A new decade - a new year!

But here’s the thing…

We start, we falter, we skip a few days, we struggle, we make excuses and eventually… we just don’t see the point. 

We fall off the bandwagon.

We give up. 

We hear you.

And we want to help.

Reset your resolutions with The Reset

We want to help you find ways to become more consistent with YOUR wellness habits

We’re not here to preach to the choir.

You know what you should be doing.

Meditation, gratitude, journaling, reading more books, spending more time in nature.

Whatever it is, you know the benefits already. 

What’s missing is commitment and consistency to truly make these things part of your life. 

We want you to pick one 10 minute wellness habit that you want to build for 2020 and join us to discover how to ingrain it into your every day.

The Reset Your Resolutions 5 week challenge will help you build the right mindset and conditions into which your new 10 minute wellness habit.

With our help your new habit will become embedded and make you happier and healthier than ever before. 

By the end of the 5 week challenge you will:

  • Find hidden time in your week you never realised you had

  • Set boundaries around social media to boost you, not break you

  • Shake off that guilt around prioritising yourself

  • Create a supportive environment that lays a foundation for good habits

  • Learn the skills to master consistency